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    Cooling Tower Maintenance Toronto
    HCTS Inc. is an industry-leading cooling tower service company
    Proudly serving Toronto, Markham, Oshawa, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Newmarket, Vaughan,
    Richmond Hill, Pickerking, Ajax, Whitby, Brampton, Mississauga, Hamilton and Southern Ontario.
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    Cooling Tower Repairs Toronto
    HCTS is a dedicated mechanical contractor
    Our heavy cooling tower repair services include bearing replacement, fill media replacement, removal & replacement of seams,
    cocking of seams with OEM supplied materials, coatings of internal compoments and replacement of hot water deck.
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    WE know Heavy Cooling Towers
    We offer cooling tower repairs, restoration, maintenance, oil changes, winterization services & more
    Industry leader in cooling tower services for Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Heavy Cooling Tower Services Toronto

About HCTS Inc.

We are proud to say that all commercial & industrial HVAC manufacturers back Heavy Cooling Tower Services with confidence. We are a cooling tower maintenance company that specializes in carryout equipment start-up, warranty and repair work, and rebuilding all major brands of cooling towers.

  • Heavy Cooling Tower Maintenance Toronto

    Cooling tower maintenance is an aspect of commercial and industrial business operation that is overlooked by most. Since cooling towers are the foundation of most HVAC systems, it is imperative to maintain their condition and functional performance. HCTS conducts routine preventative maintenance, cleaning & bacterial disinfection services for the industry. Our services are applicable across a range of business sectors including: manufacturing, hospitality, residency, power generation, medical research laboratories, educational institutions, commercial office buildings, etc. Regardless of industry, cooling tower maintenance is very important, and can result in the loss of thousands of dollars if neglected.

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